Growing List of Resources and Relief for Small Business in Las Vegas

Resources for Las Vegas Businesses

Resources for Small Businesses in Las Vegas

This resource is to help small business in Las Vegas and Clark County find financial relief to get their business through this pandemic and 2021. We’ve sorted through federal, state, and private resources to help you find loans, credits, and grants for your small business.


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SBA Disaster Assistance - Nevada

Small businesses, private non-profit organizations, small agricultural cooperatives, and small aquaculture enterprises that have been financially impacted may qualify for Economic Injury Disaster Loans of up to $2 million to help meet financial obligations and operating expenses.

Small Business Protective Retrofit Grant - Clark County

Up to $5,000 (based on actual expenditures) will be available for businesses for installing new safety equipment, modifying existing facilities and purchasing required PPE or screening tools.

Small Business Rental Assistance - Clark County

Up to $10,000 for payment of past due rent to commercial landlords.

Source: Clark County

NLVCares COVID-19 Small Business Assistance Program

The City of North Las Vegas announced the launch of the NLVCares COVID-19 Small Business Assistance Program. The program will provide a total of $3.25 million, with $10,000 grants for approved businesses of 1-20 employees and $15,000 grants for approved businesses of 21-40 employees. The City is also offering loans of up to $25,000 at zero percent interest.

Nevada Commercial Rental Assistance Grant

The Nevada Commercial Rental Assistance Grant will provide $19 million for commercial rental relief for Nevada small businesses that have lost revenue as a direct result of the pandemic. Eligible businesses and nonprofits may receive up to $10,000. Applications will open on August 24 and close on August 31.

Henderson Small Business Recovery Grant

The City of Henderson established the Henderson Small Business Recovery Grant. Eligible businesses with fewer than 30 FTEs can receive grants of up to $10,000. Applications close on August 24.

Million Dollar Comeback

If you're looking for inspiration or a kick in the butt to keep building your business during this pandemic. I recently came across the Million Dollar Comeback and I've been hooked ever since. Mike Black gave up everything. His business, his resources, his network and more to start over from scratch. He has one year to build a million dollar business. He's constantly putting out great business content and resources and he was one of the main reasons for launching this website. If you're feeling discouraged or need a kick in the butt, you should check out his website or YouTube Channel.

Millennial Mastermind Group

Meeting new people is hard. Meeting new people in Las Vegas is even harder. The Millennial Mastermind Group is a collection of the best and brightest millennial business owners, startup founders, and young professionals in Las Vegas.


As we continue to find more resources and relief for small businesses, we will update this page so please keep coming back. Looking for more content for Las Vegas business owners? We wrote about the Best Promotional Products Manufacturer in Las Vegas. This is a great resource.