Best Places to Order Promotional Products and Swag in Las Vegas

Best Promotional Products Manufacturer in Las Vegas

Best Promotional Products Manufacturer in Las Vegas

Do you have a tradeshow coming up? Do you need promotional products for your company? Great! We buy a lot of promo products at Las Vegas Plug. Here's our list of preferred vendors.

Imprint Genius

Imprint Genius specializes in providing high-quality, unique products that best align with your brand and target audience, strengthening your brand’s integrity and satisfying fans and customers.

When it came to “making merch more rewarding for everyone from-beginning-to-end,” Imprint Genius discovered it was a simple matter of adding “choice” into the equation. The result has been happier, more productive merch managers and happier, more engaged end-customers because no one has to deal with the bulk-ordered throw-aways of old.

Imprint Genius is the best in the business when it comes to smart promo. Smart water bottles, RFID t-shirts, QR code business cards, custom web platforms, and more allow for your organization to generate metrics on the effectiveness of your physical marketing, optimizing future campaigns and saving you money.

When it came to “offering companies a way to elevate their brands above the rest,” Imprint Genius foresaw customers preferring companies that are committed to environmental sustainability.  The result has been increased brand integrity and heightened company loyalty because no one can deny there is less branded merch going into landfills.


There you have it. This is our collection of the Best Promotional Products Manufacturers in Las Vegas. Do you operate a promo product company? Let us know. We'll add you to the list. Looking for more content for Las Vegas business owners? We have written about this a few times. Check out our list of resources for Las Vegas business owners.