About the LV plug

I would like to welcome you to the new Las Vegas Plug website. We created this website to provide you with a curated collection of the best Las Vegas has to offer. When I visited Las Vegas for the first time, I was overwhelmed with everything going on in this city. It’s hard to navigate through everything when there are a million things going on in this city at one time. This is when Las Vegas Plug was born.

Las Vegas Plug Offers

LV Plug is one of the most popular websites in Las Vegas, about Las Vegas. Our sole goal is to curate the best things to do in Las Vegas through personally exploring the city and greater metropolitan area with 2-4 new spots added weekly.

Since launching, LV Plug, we have enjoyed over 500+ unique experiences, and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

On this site, you'll find all of these experiences in dedicated reviews such as our reviews of Best Neighborhoods in Las Vegas, the Mob Museum, or Wells Trailhead, topical roundups such as our Best Las Vegas Breweries or Guide to What's Going on in Las Vegas During July, neighborhood guides, exploration quests such as our goal of finding the best library or tacos in Las Vegas, and more.

Do you live in Las Vegas? Great! So do we. We have an abundance of content for Las Vegas Locals on our website.

So now that you know what we’re all about what are you waiting for? Allow us to become your Las Vegas Plug today!


– The Las Vegas Plug Team

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