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Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions about Las Vegas, the LV Plug, our mission, and website goals? Check out some of our answers to our frequently asked questions below! Don't see what you're looking for? Ask us a question in the box below and we'll answer it!

How many places have you visited in Las Vegas?

As of 2020, and assuming my mediocre math is correct, we've enjoyed more than 500 unique experiences in Las Vegas. This includes visiting museums and attractions, eating at restaurants, enjoying bars and breweries, hiking in parks, taking in events, and seeing shows amongst many others.

Do you get paid to review businesses?

I wish. We currently lose money every day that this website is public. I'm fine with this though. I'm not doing this for money. The LV Plug website is a way for me to improve my writing skills and document everything that I'm experiencing in Las Vegas. It's my personal journal. I just write content that others like to read. It would be selfish of me to keep all of this awesome knowledge private.

How do you pick where you visit?

You might not like this answer, but most of the time we select where we visit randomly and on the fly. I have an actual job that requires most of my time during the week. My schedule is always planned and I don't have much time to explore. However on the evening and weekends, I love to explore. As such, we try to keep our schedules open and decide where to visit based on our interests, events going on, and the weather in any given week.

Why do you visit other cities if you're a Las Vegas blog?

The short is answer is because I can. The long answer is because I hardly have enough time to maintain this website, I'm not going to create a new website for every city I visit. Due to the current pandemic, I haven't been traveling for work as much, so I've had more time to explore Las Vegas and Southern Nevada.

Do you write content for Las Vegas Locals?

Of course. Most of my website is for locals. I have a lot of blog posts for Las Vegas locals. They're spread throughout the website. I'm a local, so most of my content is about things I like to do and see in Las Vegas. If you're a local, you can probably relate to a lot of the content I write. Here's a post I wrote on the five things I wish I knew before moving to Las Vegas. We have also have a whole section of our website dedicated to Las Vegas Locals Only. You'll find a bunch of our content written for Las Vegas Locals just like you. Are you a Nevada resident? Great! Me too. You'll love our guide on Discounts for Las Vegas Locals. Save that money baby.

Do you recommend moving to Las Vegas?

That is for you to decide, but I love it here. I've live in Michigan, Florida, Iowa, and California. I wouldn't still be here if I didn't like it. I've lived in big cities like San Francisco and small towns like Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I've lived in luxury areas in Florida like Palm Beach and more. Las Vegas is by far my favorite city.

How can we support Las Vegas Plug?

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