When it comes to Las Vegas restaurants, we are fortunate to be home to some of the country's best. From the local institutions, fine dining, international restaurants, to hole-in-the-wall spots, you can find it all here.

One of our goals on LV Plug is to share these great restaurants and help you plan your next meal out. To help with that, this restaurant guide (linking to every single review published on this site) was born!

Please keep in mind that this list is continually updated as we visit more restaurants in the city. If your favorite is not featured here it is because we have either not visited or have not published our review yet.

If you would like to make a recommendation for us to try, please contact us.


Ranking Las Vegas Food

When we first started reviewing local restaurants, our rankings were organized by personal preference only. Now that we've been to hundreds of restaurants, we wanted to re-organize this guide in order to help you better find reviews based on many categories.

We evaluated restaurants on a full-spectrum of content and features, but when it comes to the LV Plug Score, we're are reviewing them on three key categories:

  1. Price
  2. Quality
  3. Location

Scoring Notes:

  • Each category will be given a score from one 🔌 to a maximum of three 🔌🔌🔌.
  • We will then tally up the score and give them a total score with a maximum of nine 🔌.
  • If a restaurant receives more than five 🔌, we will give them the LV Plug stamp of approval.
  • Humans are biased by nature. If you think I'm being biased, I probably am, so call me out on it.


Barbecue in Las Vegas

Finding new barbecue in Las Vegas is one of our favorite things, and while it doesn't seem like we have a huge BBQ scene on the surface, we actually have a number of gems you should check out!

  • Jessie Rae's BBQ - 7/9 🔌
  • Monti's Smokehouse BBQ - 7/9 🔌
  • Rick's Rollin Smoke BBQ - 8/9 🔌
  • Tucky's Smokin BBQ - 7/9 🔌
  • Fox Smokehouse BBQ - 7/9 🔌


Brewpubs in Las Vegas

The craft brewing scene is currently taking Las Vegas by storm. Not a month goes by where you don't hear about a brewery opening up in the region or a staple making news nationally for their products.

  • Chicago Brewing Company
  • Big Dog's Brewing Company


Pizza in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas pizza scene is one of the largest in the country on a per capita basis, and as such there a number of great pizza options to consider. Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, has an interesting take on the Las Vegas Pizza scene. We've gone in depth on the best pizza in Las Vegas before, but when reading the below, please keep in mind that these are predominantly pizza shops first and foremost.

  • Pizza Rock - 7/9 🔌
  • Brother's Pizza
  • Cugino's Italian Deli & Pizzeria - 9/9 🔌


More Las Vegas Restaurants Coming Soon

Our goal at LV Plug is to eat at every restaurant in the greater Las Vegas area, which we are planning to be quite the long project. If your favorite was not on the list above, it is likely because we have either not visited yet or have not published our full review from our visit.

We visit 1-3 new restaurants every week and publish full reviews shortly after, so check back soon to see where our newest additions line up!

If you have a recommendation for a place we need to prioritize, please contact us as we'd love to hear where we should go next! Many recommendations we've received have been about places we've never known about and absolutely loved, so we would love to hear from you!



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