A collection of the best libraries in Las Vegas and Clark County.

Best Libraries in Las Vegas

Do you live in Las Vegas? Do you like reading? Are you too poor to buy every book you’d want to read on Amazon? Great! Me too. Go get yourself a library card. They’re free. With your library card and the LV Plug’s list of the Best Libraries in Las Vegas, you’re on your way to one of the best adulting life hacks you can ever do. Thank me later friends. 

Green Valley Public Library

Located at 2797 N Green Valley Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89014, the Green Valley Public Library is going to stir the pot for some of you. I know some of you are going to say Green Valley Public Library isn’t in Las Vegas. You’re correct, but you’re also wrong. This is my list. I make the rules not you. This is a solid library if you live on this side of town. Not many homeless people so you can enjoy in peace and quiet.

Whitney Library

Located at 5175 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89122, the Whitney Library is one of the top rated Libraries in Las Vegas with over 100 reviews. This library is conveniently located for everyone on the East Side of Town. Outside of reviewing this library for this list, I probably won’t be back here due to location. No complaints about this library though.

Sahara West Library

Located at 9600 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117, the Sahara West Library is another one of the top rated libraries in Las Vegas with over 100 reviews. This one takes a jab at Whitney Library for having more reviews. This library is near Summerlin (or in Summerlin depending on who you’re asking). They have a nice selection of books. Fairly clean. Staff is friendly. Overall a good experience.

Spring Valley Library

Located at 4280 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103, the Spring Valley Library doesn’t have the same amount of clout as Sahara West Library or Whitney Library, but it’s close. People like this library because of the location. I can agree with them. Due to it being close to the strip. There’s more traffic around this library compared to others. The homeless levels are a little higher, so wash your hands. Overall, it’s a good library.

East Las Vegas Library

Located at 2851 E Bonanza Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89101, the East Las Vegas Library is the head honcho library in Las Vegas. They have way more clout than Spring Valley Library and Whitney Library. When the Sahara West Library wakes up in the morning, it dreams about being the East Las Vegas Library. Wash your hands if you come here. You can thank me later.


Well there you have it. I listed some of the Best Libraries in Las Vegas. Agree? Disagree? It doesn’t matter. It’s a free resource. Do you want more content for Las Vegas Locals? Great! We have a whole section of our website dedicated to Only Las Vegas Locals. If you don’t have a library card, go get one. THEY’RE FREE! If you’re spending money on books on Amazon like me, stop doing this. Go to the library and save a few dollars. If you want to spend those dollars, make a donation to your favorite local guide. Contrary to popular opinion, the LV Plug doesn’t make any money. I have no ads. I’m just writing to stay sane, so make a donation. I also curated this list on Google: Best Libraries in Las Vegas – LV Plug 👍 to make everything easy for you. Thank me later.