Everything you need to know about Taxes in Las Vegas and Nevada.

Taxes in Las Vegas

Taxes in Las Vegas and Nevada

Offering one of the lowest tax burdens in the nation, Nevada is consistently cited by the likes of Forbes, Inc and Money magazines as having one of the best overall business climates in the nation. Nevada’s tax structure is designed to be less burdensome to both business and its employees. The Tax Foundation rated Nevada as the No. 9 best state for business in 2019.

Las Vegas Tax Questions

In an effort to keep things easy for you, I wanted to answer a few common questions and save you time. Every answer was found on the Nevada Taxpayers Association website. These are the most common tax questions about Las Vegas:

  • Is there a personal income tax in Las Vegas? No.
  • Is there a franchise tax in Las Vegas? No.
  • Is there a unitary tax in Las Vegas? No.
  • Is there an inventory tax in Las Vegas? No.
  • Is there an inheritance tax in Las Vegas? No.
  • Is there an estate tax in Las Vegas? No.


There you have it. Hopefully, this answered your tax questions in regards to moving your business or moving your life to Las Vegas. If you still have any questions about taxes or moving to Las Vegas in general, feel free to ask us a question. Or checkout some of other content for Las Vegas locals like Parks and Recreation Facilities in Las Vegas and Clark County or Five Tips Before Moving to Las Vegas. Do you want more content for Las Vegas Locals? Great! We have a whole section of our website dedicated to Only Las Vegas Locals. Thanks for reading!