How I Survived Covid-19 in Las Vegas

Surviving Covid in Las Vegas

Surviving Covid in Las Vegas

2020 has been an interesting year. Even in my wildest dreams, I would have never expected a year like we’re currently experiencing. It’s been crazy. I know this is something we can all agree on. All of my plans and goals for 2020 were altered like so many of you reading this can relate to. 

I went from traveling and being on the road weekly in 2019 to only taking 10 flights so far this year. I have spent the vast majority of 2020 and covid season in Las Vegas. No, I wasn’t locked down or forced to quarantine. In fact, covid life in Las Vegas hasn’t been too bad. With that being said, the change in my pace to my daily life has really been something that I’ve had to adjust to. I have had significantly more time on my hands during the weekends because there hasn’t been anything to do.

I’m not one to just sit in my house all day and do nothing. I hate being idle. I hate not doing anything, so I have tried to pass the time and get through this pandemic by exploring Las Vegas and the Las Vegas valley. Now before you say anything, I have been doing safely and following our governor (despite not always agreeing with them) guidelines. 

My goal of writing this post is to give you an update on what Las Vegas has been like during the pandemic. This post can be helpful to you if you’re a tourist planning a trip to Las Vegas, a local in Las Vegas looking for activities to do during quarantine and social distancing, or just someone looking for a person going through similar experiences and sharing them.


If this is content that you’re interested in and want to read more, please let me know and I’ll keep writing posts and updates for you. I’m going to try to continue improving this and expanding upon it as I put more of my thoughts and experiences out there. Keep checking back and refreshing the page. The only way I’ll ever get this content out there is by clicking publish, so sometimes, I’ll publish something that is not completely done, but I usually come back to finish it or improve it. I hate having content sitting in draft or idle mode because I’ll never actually get around to publishing it.