Guide to Public Parks in Las Vegas

Best Public Parks in Las Vegas

Everyone associates Las Vegas with gambling, lavish casinos and resorts, and the flashing lights. However, there is a little known fact about Las Vegas. There are over 100 incredible public parks in the Las Vegas valley and Clark County. As Las Vegas residents, we are lucky to have Clark County Parks and Recreation because they provide Las Vegas and Southern Nevada with over 100 public parks with everything from picnic tables and other amenities to baseball fields, playgrounds with water and aquatic features and more. If you're looking for public skate parks in Las Vegas, we created a whole guide to this too. Be sure to check that out.

Now, enough with the back story. Let's get into the best public parks in Las Vegas.

Best Public Parks in Las Vegas

As a result of covid closing down pretty much every gym in Las Vegas, I had to explore Las Vegas and find creative ways to get exercise on the weekends. After grabbing my coffee, I went to every public park in Las Vegas and evaluated and rated them all. I know you don't want to read my notes, so here's the summary. These are the Best Public Parks in Las Vegas and they have the LV Plug's stamp of approval:

Fox Hill Park

Fox Hill Park is easily one of the most impressive public parks in Las Vegas. I don't have kids, but the amount of playground equipment for children here is impressive. I have no clue who got the contract on this park, but whoever is responsible for building parks (I have no clue who handles this) keep working with the company that built Fox Hill Park.

LV Plug Score

  • Price: 🔌🔌🔌
  • Quality: 🔌🔌🔌
  • Location: 🔌🔌🔌
  • Total: 9/9 🔌

Fox Hill Park gets the LV Plug Approval 🔌👍🏆

Not only did Fox Hill Park get the LV Plug Approval and a perfect score, this park might get the #1 spot in our rankings of the public parks in Las Vegas.

Cottonwood Canyon

Cottonwood Canyon is a scenic, linear park featuring paved pathways for walking & running, plus a BBQ/picnic shelter. Larger park with a long walking path. Depending on the time of day that you visit, there may be more people than the walking path can handle. Please plan accordingly.

Summerlin Centre Community Park

Palm-tree-lined space on 20+ acres with soccer fields, picnic spots, trails & a shaded play area. This park is easily in my top-10 parks in Las Vegas. It's a shame that the playground is currently closed. With that being said, the soccer fields are open and the walking track is good for exercise.

Sunset Park

One of the largest parks in Las Vegas. This is a great place to bring your dog, family, even your grandmother. Everyone loves Sunset Park. If you go near the water, watch out for the goose poop.

Best Parks for Kids in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that is known for its bright lights and gambling. However, there are also many parks located in the city that are perfect for kids. These parks offer a variety of activities including playgrounds, sports fields, and bike trails. The best park for kids in Las Vegas is definitely Floyd Lamb Park. This park has something for everyone, including a lake with paddle boats and fishing docks, an amphitheater, a petting zoo, and several playgrounds. Other great parks for kids include Sunset Park and Veterans Memorial Park. Sunset Park has multiple playgrounds, as well as a water play area that is perfect for hot days. Veterans Memorial Park has basketball courts, tennis courts, a skate park, and a BMX track. There are also plenty of open areas where kids can run around and play games.


There you go. After reading this, you should be an expert on the public parks in Las Vegas. Do you agree with our rankings of the best parks in Las Vegas? Let us know. If you still have any questions about public parks and/or moving to Las Vegas in general, feel free to ask us a question. Do you want more content for Las Vegas Locals? Great! We have a whole section of our website dedicated to Only Las Vegas Locals. Or checkout some of other content for Las Vegas locals like Parks and Recreation Facilities in Las Vegas and Clark County or Five Tips Before Moving to Las Vegas. Thanks for reading!