The Vegas Golden Knights: Ascending the NHL Throne

Are The Vegas Golden Knights the Best NHL Franchise

The Vegas Golden Knights, the first major professional sports franchise to take root in Las Vegas, has stirred the world of ice hockey since its inception in 2017. They made an instant impact, reaching the Stanley Cup Final in their inaugural season - a feat unheard of for an expansion team. This miraculous run painted a beautiful, Cinderella-style story for the team, catapulting them into NHL stardom. But does this extraordinary start, coupled with sustained competitiveness, make the Golden Knights the best NHL franchise? Let's delve deeper into this compelling topic.

Community Engagement

Right from the beginning, the Golden Knights established a symbiotic relationship with the city of Las Vegas. This relationship goes beyond the ice rink; the team's community engagement and philanthropy have played an integral role in the city's healing, particularly following the tragic shooting incident of October 1, 2017. They've fostered a sense of unity and strength, qualities that elevate the stature of any sports franchise.

Remarkable Resilience

The Golden Knights have demonstrated commendable resilience, navigating through tough circumstances and continuing to deliver strong performances. Despite their relatively young age, they've consistently reached the playoffs and have made deep runs, including their Stanley Cup appearance in their inaugural season. This kind of consistent success places them among the top franchises in the league.

Strong Brand Identity

The Golden Knights have crafted a unique brand identity that resonates with fans worldwide. Their marketing strategies, logo design, and the medieval knight theme have been tremendously successful. The pre-game entertainment is a spectacle, making each game an unforgettable experience. This strong brand identity augments their case as a standout NHL franchise.

Competitive Squad

The team's roster has consistently been competitive, with strong leadership and a blend of experienced players and budding stars. They've managed their talent well, investing in player development, making smart trades, and creating a team that's consistently competitive. This successful squad management further bolsters their case.

However, calling the Golden Knights the 'best' NHL franchise is subjective and depends on what factors one considers. If you look at historical success, original six teams like the Montreal Canadiens, with their 24 Stanley Cups, or the Detroit Red Wings with their 11, might take the title. If fanbase size and revenue are your gauge, the Toronto Maple Leafs or the New York Rangers could top the list.


Nevertheless, the Golden Knights' impressive accomplishments in their short existence, their strong bond with their community, and their ability to consistently field a competitive team make them an extraordinary franchise in the NHL. While the title of 'best' might be debatable, there's no doubt that the Golden Knights have significantly impacted the NHL landscape, setting high standards for any future expansion franchises.